Lena Chen – Artist and Writer

I'm not going to blame Facebook for my mental breakdown. It was just one of many factors that came into play. But losing access to my network and my newly created identity did not help my already fragile state.

AdeY – Photographer

I implore you to support the artists who have helped to build your platform and challenge yourselves to look beyond commercial profit and create a truly creative social experience. I implore you to stop catering for the lowest common denominator and to take social responsibility by engaging positively in debates around diversity and difference.

Shona McAndrew – Artist

I feel knocked down and silenced. And then I get mad. Real mad. Mad for all the other people who are pushed down and erased, who don’t have the privilege of an audience. Mad for me, for all I have done to be able to share my work, ideas and intimate moments. So I post again. And again. And again. And again. In the hopes that this time will be different. 

Clarity Haynes – Artist

I’m a Queer Feminist Artist. Why Are My Paintings Censored on Social Media? When a post about my work is removed, suddenly and without permission, it feels like a violation — if not legally, then emotionally, and certainly materially in terms of costs to my career.

Rebecca Goyette – Artist

The only way we stand a chance to have a healthy relationship to our sexuality or to our bodies (no matter the size, our age, our identity) is to be able to talk, create and share openly.

Lillias Right – Professional Model

 I need my audience to make a living. Stop hurting entrepreneurs by removing our content when it follows your guidelines and our audiences. Yet you allow dick pics, accounts full of actual penetration, hate speech and violence.

Reuben Negron – Artist

I’ve never wanted my work to be easy — it’s a means to an end, impact beyond the aesthetic. If controversy on social networks can be the catalyst for viewer participation beyond the gallery walls, then so be it.

Kit King — Painter

How are artists like me who rely on social media supposed to gain traction and support and make a living when these very platforms are shutting us down? I'm agoraphobic — I don't leave my house — all I have to promote my art is social media.